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    NOTE: Bandcamp does not have an option for what this is, so I chose "vinyl box set". This is not a box set. this is WAY better than a box set.

    This is the EVERYTHING bundle from Hyper On Experience. As the name implies, this bundle contains everything. There is so much that its hard to know where to start, but here goes:

    1 x KF110 A/B/C/D - "Runs In The Family Double 12" Vinyl EP
    1 x KF110 E/F - Bonus 12" vinyl
    1 x Slipmat
    1 x 24" double sided heavyweight postrt
    1 x 16gig USB Key

    The USB key is almost full, and contains a huge sample pack and stems, plus 12 videos and so much music its hard to keep count...all in both 320MP3 and 24Bit Wav formats. Here is a complete list:

    KF110 - Hyper On Experience - Runs In the Family EP
    Disc 1 (Brand New)
    A1. Song For Marc
    A2. Dont Fuck With Crows
    B1. D.A.T Coat
    B2. Scatter!!!
    Disc 2 (Made back in the day, previously unreleased)
    C1. Come On Yeah (Remix)
    C2. Let me Tell Ya
    D1. Listen To The Bass
    D2. 80s Three Stripe
    Disc 3 (Exclusive vinyl for the Everything Bundle only)
    E1. Disturbance (Tango Remix) (Remastered)
    E2. Imajika (Shadowplay Remix)
    F1. Timestretch (New Decade Remix)
    F2. Lords Of The Null Lines (Danny Styles 2020 Remix)

    Everything Exclusives:
    01. Like This Y’all (Demo Remastered)
    02. Give Yourself To Me (Demo Remastered)
    03. Little Techno Thing (Demo Remastered)
    04. Pad Thing (Demo Remastered)
    05. Piano (Demo Remastered)
    06. Steppy Thing (Demo Remastered)
    07. Half Steppa (Remastered)
    08. Lords of The Null Lines (Aquasky Vs Masterblaster Remix) (Remastered)
    09. Lords Of The Null Lines (Photek Remix) (Remastered)
    10. Lords Of The Null Lines (Total Science Remix) (Remastered)
    11. Come On Yeah (Sub Fundation Remix)
    12. Ouija Awakening (Remastered)
    13. Thunder Grip (Kaotic Chemistry Remix) (Remastered)
    14. Fantasies Are No Escape
    15. Vibrations (Dj Deluxe Remix)
    16. Lords Of The Null Lines (NRG Remix)
    17. Imajika (Innercore Remix)
    18. HE Anthem (Alk-e-d & Beeno Remix)
    19. Monarch of The Glen (Luna-C & Lowercase Remix)
    20. Lift Me Up (E-Tank Remix)
    21. Scatter!!! (heavy Systems Inc Remix)
    22. Disturbance (Gothika Shades Tyger Reprise)
    23. Another Rave (Boykz & Chapman Remix)
    24. Thundergrip (Timme Remix)

    KF83 - Hyper-On Experience - The Family Man EP
    A1. Lift Me Up
    B1. Cannon Rush
    B2. Vibrations

    KF95 - Hyper On Experience - Fun For All The Family (Remastered, Remixed, Reimagined) EP
    A1. H.E Anthem (Remastered)
    A2. The Frightner (Remastered)
    B1. Another Rave (Remastered)
    B2. Watchusnow (Liquid Remix)

    KF96 - Hyper On Experience - Keep It In The Family (Remastered, Remixed, Reimagined) EP
    A1. Assenssion (To The 9th Level) (Remastered)
    A2. A Certain Emotion (Luna-C Remix)
    B1. Imajika (Remastered)
    B2. The Threshold Of Sanity (Remastered)

    KF97 - The Family We Never Had EP Remastered 12"
    A1. Disturbance (Remastered)
    A2. Monarch Of the Glen (Remastered)
    B1. Lil Ruffian (Remastered)
    B2. Monarch of The Glen (Alex Jungle Remix)

    KF98  - Deaf In The Family EP Remastered 12"
    A1. Timestretch (Remastered)
    A2. Lord Of The Null Lines (Remastered)
    B1. Imajika (Smiley Rock Remix Remastered)
    B2. Thundergrip (Remastered)

    KF98X - Thundergrip Remix / Mozaik
    A1. Thundergrip (Pete Cannon Remix)
    B1. Mozaik (Part 1)

    KF99 - Hyper On Experience - Lord Of The Null Lines Remixes
    A1. Shimon & Benny L Remix
    B1. Acen Remix
    C1. Fracus & Darwin Remix
    D1. Shoreman Remix

    KF99R - The Foul Play / Randall / Danny Styles Remixes 12"
    A1. Foul Play Remix (Remastered)
    A2. Foul Play Ft. Randall Remix (Remastered)
    B1. The Danny Styles Remix 1 (Remastered)
    B2. The Danny Styles Remix 2 (Remastered)

    KF109 - Hyper On Experience - Disturbance Remixes (2 x 10" Vinyl)
    A1. Hamilton Remix
    B1. Abyss Remix
    C1. Psycangle & Lowercase Remix
    D1. Sunny & Deck Hussy Remix

    Bonus Versions, Remixes & Remasters!

    01. Watchusnow (Remastered)
    02. Another Rave (3rd Version)
    03.The Frightner (Alternate Version)
    04. H.E Anthem (Ant To Be Remix)
    05. The Frightner (Mannik Remix)
    06. A Certain Emotion (Remastered)
    07. Assention (Paul Bradley Remix)
    08. Imajika (Wislov Remix)
    09. Monarch of The Glen (Alternate Mix, Remastered)
    10. Monarch Of The Glen (Unreleased Beat FX Mix)
    11. Half Steppa (Ponder Remix)
    12. Half Steppa (Scartat Remix)
    13. Timestretch (Doughboy Remix)
    14. Lords Of The Null Lines (Empyreal Remix)
    15. Fantasies Are No Escape
    16. Mozaik (Parts 1 & 2)
    17. Disturbance (Audio X Remix)
    18. Lords Of The Null Lines (Nookie Remix)

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released March 2, 2020


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